Top 10 Podcasts for College Counselors: Easy, Educational Listening for Summer Break

Posted: July 05, 2022

Podcasts provide entertaining, impactful and on-the-go listening for your commutes, workouts, and lunch breaks. While students are on summer break, college counseling clinicians should take this valuable time to enjoy some funny, serious, informative podcasts on college counseling, mental health, and the state of college affairs. 

Here are ten recommended podcasts for college counselors:

Shrink Rap Radio

Apple rating: 4.6
Frequency: Weekly to bi-weekly

The Shrink Rap Radio host Dr. David Van Nuys is a clinical psychologist, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University, and served as the department’s chair. He interviews psychology professors and private practice counselors on topics pertaining to today’s college students, including depression, stress, anxiety and the neuroscience of mental health. This podcast is the winner of the APA Presidential Award Recipient for Pioneering Psychology Podcast, and its episodes include interviews 

Tip: If you are not into introductions, skip the first 10 minutes or so to get to the meatier content. 

Feeling Good

Apple Podcast rating: 4.7
Frequency: Weekly; sometimes more frequently 

Hosted by David D. Burns MD, author of "Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy," and Fabrice NYe, PhD, this podcast is a lighthearted, feel-good podcast for therapists and others who are interested in learning about TEAM-CBT therapy and how it can be used in a day-to-day basis. Dr. Burns brings in industry experts to discuss therapy practices and combating mental health issues with evidence-based care.

Tip: Skip the first few minutes. These episodes are a bit long, but you can jump in at any time and gain some interesting insights. 

A Slight Change of Plans

Apple Podcast rating: 4.7
Frequency: Weekly; sometimes more frequently 

Cognitive neuroscientist Maya Shankar, PhD, is the host of this fun, intimate podcast which dives into human behavior and all the ways in which we change and evolve. She brings on an eclectic group of guests, ranging from authors and politicians to therapists and everyday people facing trauma and hardship. This podcast won “Best Show of the Year” by Apple Podcasts in 2021.

Tip: You can’t pick a wrong episode; you’ll be entertained and educated in this podcast. 

CWC Talks: The College Mental Health Podcast

Apple Podcast rating: 5.0
Frequency: No frequency; episodes drop sporadically 

CWC Talks originated out of the University of Florida Counseling & Wellness Center to provide honest conversations on mental health issues facing college students. The host talks with listeners, rather than at them. Episodes are less than an hour and topics range from racism and roommate relationships to panic attacks and art therapy. 

Tip: If you like creating handouts for students, you can pull several great tips from these episodes and create a tip sheet for college life. 

Meditation Minis

Apple Podcast rating: 4.8
Frequency: Weekly; sometimes more frequently

Designed by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton, the Meditation Minis podcast provides short bouts of varied meditation techniques that can be done in 15 minutes or less. If you feel a bit burned out or if you’re counseling students who feel burned out, these mini episodes can help calm the body and mind. Listening in the morning can even help you set an intention for the day. 

Tip: Sponsored ads play at the beginning, after the host’s introduction. The meditation starts around minute two or three. 

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Apple Podcast rating: 4.8
Frequency: Weekly

Need a laugh? The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly podcast hosted by Paul Gilmartin, a standup comedian and former host of TBS’s popular Dinner and a Movie. He brings on a cast of artists, comedians, friends, and doctors who discuss their experiences with mental illness. Gilmartin brings his own intimate experience, as he himself has struggled with addiction and clinical depression.  

Tip: There are more than 500 episodes available and if you go to the podcast’s website, the top episodes are listed at top. 

The Optimistic Advocate

Apple Podcast rating: 5.0
Frequency: Infrequent

Scott Bryant-Comstock, CEO and founder of Children’s Mental Health Network, hosts this podcast on advocacy and positive change. Bringing on different experts, Bryant-Comstock dives into issues of race, equity, inclusion, language, and mental health. This podcast dives into controversial, complicated, and emotional issues and offers new ways to think, advocate, and research.  

Tip: If you want to learn more about social issues facing young adults today, this is a great place to start.

Therapy Chat
Apple Podcast rating: 4.5
Frequency: Weekly

Baltimore-based psychotherapist Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, interviews therapists on alternative and holistic approaches to trauma, counseling, and psychotherapy. They also discuss their own mental health and how to practice self-care while working in a career caring for others. 

Tip: If you want to incorporate new methodologies and techniques into your practice, this is worth checking out.

The Therapy Show

Apple Podcast rating: 4.9
Frequency: Weekly

The Therapy Show podcast, hosted by Dr. Bridget Nash, covers comprehensive, thorough treatment areas in therapy, all while focusing on evidence-based methodologies. Guests have high credentials and have included Dr. Judith Beck, Dr. Richard Schwarz, and Dr. Sue Johnson.

Tip: The show appears to be on hiatus right now, but 62 episodes are available on iTunes. 

The Key with Inside Higher Ed

Apple Podcast rating: 4.6
Frequency: Weekly

This podcast focuses on the many challenges facing colleges and universities amidst COVID-19, with a particular focus on technology. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes or less and host Doug Lederman, Editor at Inside Higher Ed, takes a journalistic approach to different topics, interviewing key leaders in higher education who discuss policy changes, high ed technology companies, and other issues. 

Tip: Before you start listening, browse the episode topics to find the ones that seem the most compelling to you.