Our Clinical Philosophy

Designed by industry-leading experts, our care philosophy is rooted in clinical excellence.

We believe all students, regardless of their age, race and ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, religious association, ability, socioeconomic background, and worldview, deserve equitable access to quality mental healthcare.

We take an evidence-based, whole-person approach to care, understanding that each student requires personalized attention to achieve the most optimal outcomes.

Our Clinical Leaders

Our model was designed by some of the brightest minds in our country’s university mental healthcare system, coming together to build something new.

Nora Felpausch, MD (she/her)

Medical Director

Carla Chugani, PhD, LPC (she/they)

VP of Clinical Content and Affairs

In-House Provider Network

Mantra Health has built an in-house team of clinical providers, all of whom are screened for and trained in telehealth best practices, campus-specific protocols, and crisis management. Our care is tailored to the student population and their specialized needs, which is why we’ve built a diverse team of providers with unique specializations, including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and substance use, among others.

of Mantra providers are happy in their role.
of Mantra providers see themselves growing and developing their career here.
the average rating patients gave their providers when asked if they were a good match.
We prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

All clinical providers aim to recognize their own biases, acknowledge the diverse needs of their patients, and take a culturally-informed approach to the patient-provider relationship.

We collaborate across the full spectrum of care

Our clinical leaders, care navigators, and partner success team members engage in daily communication with virtual and in-person providers to ensure that all receive the resources, tools, support they need to excel.

We center our practice around clinical excellence

We use evidence-based best practices to build our own clinical and crisis response protocols, making it easy for providers to assess, diagnose, and treat students and ensure that the highest quality care is delivered to every campus.

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