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Mental healthcare built specifically for university life, with providers who understand you and meet you where you are.


How it Works

Free mental health care awaits, activate your membership now.


Get a Referral

Go to your counseling or health center and ask to be referred to Mantra. Your on-campus care team is able to schedule your first appointment.

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Complete Initial Video Consultation

Once you’re a Mantra member, you’ll discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your mental health provider via video chat.


Get a Personalized Treatment Plan

Your therapist or psychiatry provider will develop a personalized treatment plan with you. They can even collaborate with your school counselor to ensure your care is coordinated.

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Start Getting Better

As a member, you have ongoing access to your provider over messaging, tools to track your progress, and live video follow-up appointments.

Your Treatment Plan

With Mantra, your provider will work with you to come up with a personalized treatment that works for you. Mantra’s treatment plans typically are a thoughtful combination of therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication when appropriate.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

24/7 Messaging, Video Appointments

24/7 Messaging, Video Appointments

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking


My school has partnered with Mantra Health. How do I get access to the therapy or psychiatry services?

If your school offers the Mantra Higher Ed program, please go to your health or counseling center to get a referral to Mantra. Once the referral is made by your provider on campus, you will receive a link to sign-up by email. If you have already been referred, click here to retrieve your onboarding email.

If I’ve already been referred by my school, how do I create my account?

Great news! Welcome to Mantra Health. You will receive an email after the referral is made by our counseling or health services center containing information to create your patient profile. If you can’t find that email or the link isn’t working, you can resend your activation email here

I have additional questions about my account, what is the best way to get in touch with my patient support team from Mantra Health?

Just give us a call at 1-800-464-2083 or email us at hi@mantrahealth.com.

Why Mantra

"Mantra has integrated technology, design, and clinical expertise to help university students receive the care they deserve: science-backed, tailored to their needs, and integrated with their school."

—Ravi Shah, Co-Founder at Mantra Health and Columbia Psychiatrist

Columbia University
Ravi Shah