Expanding Care with Telehealth: How to Assess Provider Quality

AUGUST 24, 2022
1:00PM ET
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College counseling centers are gearing up for another busy academic year in which demand for services will undoubtedly increase. Directors are eager to hire more providers and as they consider expanding their team to include telehealth providers, they are challenged with assessing the quality of a telehealth provider group. In order to prioritize clinical outcomes, mental health care should be grounded in sound clinical judgment and use evidence-based practices.

How do you know if the provider is qualified to work with college students? How can you assess their clinical expertise and training? What questions should you ask to properly vet a telehealth provider group?

In this webinar, we address:

  • Considerations for building telehealth quality control within a third party system
  • What constitutes evidence-based care
  • Evaluating the expertise of clinical mental health providers in a telehealth setting
  • Reasons to diversify your service offerings and provider group


  • Karen Singleton, Ph.D. Associate Medical Director and Chief of Student Mental Health and Counseling at MIT


  • Nora Feldpausch, MD, Medical Director at Mantra Health
  • Alecia Sundsmo, PsyD, Executive Director of Therapy at Mantra Health